Customer Feedback

 I searched just about everywhere to find custom knobs for my custom built bass guitar to no avail. Then I found Armadillo Guitar. Michael is not only patient and friendly but he produces fantastic custom pieces. When I explained to him what I wanted he said confidently, I can do that. The knobs were exceptional beyond my expectations. If you need custom pieces for your special project there is only one call to make, Armadillo guitar. Thanks Michael.
—Pete Kiley

Thank you for your superb customer service, and high quality guitar parts. The Telecaster brass saddles you made fit perfectly and improved the sound so dramatically over the cheap stock steel ones that my wife even commented how the guitar sounded warmer and fuller. The sustain had doubled over the stock steel saddles, and look way better. The switch tip knob also fits nice and snug with the allen screw. I will be buying the brass volume and tone knobs next.
—Brian Wienke

I received the knobs today and they are absolutely gorgeous. Very impressed, not only by the finished product but by your willingness to work with me, sight unseen over the interweb-tubes, to produce something new and custom.
Rick Starbuck

When building a custom made telecaster deluxe, I ordered the traditional style “half-bridge”.  It turned out that the bridge was a little longer than required and interfered with the pickguard placement.  My builder got in touch with Michael, and he resized the bridge to fit perfectly and shipped it back very quickly.  He also makes these bridges as the order comes in, so that it is exactly how you want it.  The bridge itself is extremely gorgeous, and of the highest quality, same with the saddles.  Michael was always quick to answer my emails with my questions on this build.  Excellent customer service and excellent quality products.  Will definitely use Armadillo again for any future builds and/or mods.  Thanks again Michael!
Brandt Anderson

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful switch-tips you made for me. They are perfect. I have used one on a Fano Alt De Facto SP6 and the other on a Nash Tele. I will be ordering more in the near future. Your work is superb and I am grateful to you for sharing your time and talent with me!
—Brian Diller

Your fantastic and gorgeous work of art arrived yesterday in perfect condition, solid and beautiful…the ring fits perfectly and looks awesome even without the plating, it gives a very custom touch of class to the guitar….Very satisfied customer, Michael. You should be very proud of making Armadillo Guitar such an efficient and wonderful place.
—Regina Perez

Being in the military stationed in Germany, I thought my options for getting a custom bridge plate machined would be severely limited.  With Michael, not so!  He has got to be one of the most professional and patient people that I have had the pleasure of working with on a project like this.  I drafted up a sketch of what I wanted and he helped me refine the design into a playable piece of equipment… after a few back-and-fourths of design revisions we finalized my initial rendering into something truly special. I checked the mail today and my new bridge plate was waiting for me… let me tell you, it has without a doubt exceeded my high expectations.  The craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable.  I can’t wait to install it.  If I ever need anything else built for my guitars (saddles, pickup rings, volume knobs etc…) you will be my first and only choice to produce them!
—Brian Scozzaro

The bridge arrived this morning…it looks and sounds amazing. I rushed home form work and popped it on this afternoon and have been noodling on it since; the holes lined up exactly with my old bridge – it’s just an all round classy bit of hardware.
—Matt Evans

Got the bridge hooked up and it looks and sounds great.
—Bob Graves

Dear Michael, I just want to thank you again and tell you how much better my guitar sounds with your bridge!!!! The mids are much more complex, the highs have way more detail without being brittle and the lows are much more defined!! Thanks again!!!
—Sean Romin, Member of Schleprock and Decry

The bridge plate came yesterday!!! Wow that was fast! It is just beautiful work man thank you…anyway just wanted you to know I am very happy with your work and appreciate your help.
Nate Brown, Principal Guitarist for “Mary Poppins” on Broadway

We got the bridge and neck plate in today and let me say that they are an excellent piece of craftsmanship! Thank you for all the fine work you did on them. They look great! Actually way better than I imagined. Right down to the saddles. Joe and I are very pleased with them and can’t wait to get these guitars together and jam on that bad boy.
—Harold Parker, 30-Year Guitar Tech / Owner of ZazzOff Custom Guitars

Armadillo machine is kicking out top notch tele hardware of the absolute highest quality. The workmanship and customer service are second to none!
Tony Redman, Guitarist

In my career as a musician I always have preferred a brass bridge for my telecasters; I also have been involved in a dream project to make my ‘Andy Summers guitar.’ I have tried ALL brands of brass bridges (Gotoh, Schaller, Dimarzio, Joe Barden, etc.) without getting the exact sound that I want. But now Michael has offered me the best bridge that I’ve ever had….In live work, it is incredible how my guitar sings, with lots of sustain and BIG tone. The craftsmanship is awesome: the pieces blend together to look and resonate like a whole piece of brass. And the best is Armadillo Guitar’s customer support–the fastest and the friendliest ever. They really paid 100% attention to my specs. I recommend this bridge and all services that Michael offers.
—Jose Martinez

Quality workmanship done with care and integrity.
Cindy Cashdollar, Five-Time Grammy Winner

I received the Bridge yesterday on my day off at 5pm…and by 6pm I was ‘chiming’ away on the Telecaster!! It is truly a work of art…especially the saddles. Everything lined up perfectly! I love the flat-head phillips screws…looks better than slot-head and no crest to lift the saddles. This is quite a refinement of the first prototype. The guitar plays easier and the intonation was close to ‘bang on’ with almost no adjustments…it plays like a dream! It was as if this was ‘factory designed’…but with ‘custom shop’ care and craftsmanship. The best part is the weight difference…it feels at least 1/3rd lighter and is way more ‘resonant’ in the new ‘thinner’ profile!
—Jeff Brinkert

Anyone who is putting together a project guitar (in my case a tele) should check out Michael’s products. Solid brass, heavy weight and beautifully machined–the knobs were the perfect finishing touch to my guitar. Thanks for what you do, Michael!
—Bill Derby, Guitarist for Kate Taylor, Edgar Winter, CBS sports

I got it in the mail yesterday. It looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! I spent quite a lot of time trolling various Tele boards looking for a source for such a bridge, and I wasn’t the only one, so I’ll be sure to recommend your services to anyone else I encounter looking for one of these. Thanks again for the excellent work!
—Matthew Johnsen, Guitarist from Pharaoh

You are one of the most professional business people I have ever known; I regard my connection with you to be among the most valuable I have ever made. A huge thanks for all your help and outstanding effort.
—Charles Roberts, Enchante in Austin, TX